Traditional chinese way dating marriage How to connect the sexphotes

26-Feb-2016 11:01

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Although China launched its ‘opening up’ policies in the late 1970s and re-emphasised marriage freedom and gender equality in the 1980 marriage law, the first girl to appear on was still condemned by her family for losing face in public.

The family’s reaction reflected the continuing traditional belief that women belonged in the domestic sphere and should obey their parents in terms of the marriage decision.

“I have two Shanghainese female friends who blame their singleness on the ‘fact’ that girls actually outnumber boys in metropolitan centers like Shanghai.” Singles complaining about the lack of suitable partners in the world is nothing new.

But the confusion and frustration associated with dating in modern China is taking on a new form thanks to a combination of government policy and rapid societal change.

Studying the development of television dating shows helps to understand how the concept of love and marriage in China has changed, and how the shows are helping bring about that change.

Dating shows began emerging as a new form of marriage matchmaking in China in the late 1980s.

For the cultural elites, they are a subject for interrogation.

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“In Chinese culture, the in-laws are very important,” she said.

Few girls would accept such a man as lifetime companion unless they are also Christian followers.