Microsoft word updating table of contents

02-Mar-2016 03:12

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It will be inserted into a content control, like the built-in tables of contents.Word displays entries in the menu in alphabetical order by category. I am working for a university and am creating a template for study notes and reports, which i want to make available to the whole organisation.In this document I have included a table of contents, which I have customised and also saved to the Table of Contents Gallery. I can add content to my document and then update the TOC with the "Update Table of Contents" function.

However, you may have used explicit formatting on a Heading 1 paragraph so that it is red, 16-point type.

The bottom line is that if you want to change the way your TOC looks, all you need to do is define the attributes that make up the TOC styles (TOC 1, TOC 2, etc.).

There is one very, very large caveat to this general statement, however: If you have applied explicit formatting to your headings, then your TOC will not look as you expect it to.

On this page If these don't appeal to you, there are several other ways to apply a style.

In the same way, apply the Heading 1 style to other major headings in your document.Click anywhere on the table of contents, then click Update Table… Choose to update either the entire table or just the page numbers.