Future directions of luminescence dating of quartz

08-Dec-2016 12:07

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Luminescence from quartz is commonly used in retrospective dosimetry, in particular for the dating of archaeological materials and sediments from the Quaternary period.The phenomenon of luminescence is related to the interaction of natural radiation with mineral grains, by the activation of and subsequent trapping of electrons at defects within the quartz lattice. the trapped electrons) is released when the grains are exposed to stimulation energy in the form of light or heat.This approach underscores the importance of translating site-specific geomorphic or stratigraphic observations or measurements to regional and global contexts on various time scales. I see an endless horizon of exciting and significance science, much, if not all collaborative with students and colleagues from many continents.

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Some of the more interesting and important achievements are highlighted, including the critical insights gained in the last two decades from OSL measurements of individual grains of quartz.This revolutionary development enabled the extension of TL dating to sedimentary deposits in a variety of environmental settings and to the multitude of archaeological sites that lack suitably heated artefacts.